Amniotic Liquid Allograft

What is BioLab Fluid GF™

BioLab Fluid GF™ is an amniotic liquid allograft derived from the amniotic fluid within the amniotic sac used to protect, lubricate and cushion. BioLab Fluid GF™ is solely composed of amniotic fluid and does not contain any lyophilized or micronized membrane.​

What is Human Amniotic Fluid?

Amniotic fluid is abundant in growth factors and cytokines associated with the repair, replacement, and regeneration of soft tissue. When injected into the body, these growth factors and cytokines have been shown to promote healing and pain management.

Ordering Information ​

Q-Code: Q4206

-GF0100 Fluid GF™ 1.0cc

-GF0200 Fluid GF™ 2.0cc

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