Membrane Wrap™

Amniotic Allograft Membrane

BioLab Sciences Membrane Wrap™ is a unique DUAL- LAYERED dehydrated human amnion membrane (dHAM) allograft composed primarily of a connective tissue matrix. It is minimally manipulated, preserving the properties that it exhibits in its natural state¹,². The presence of the connective tissue matrix aids in supporting and protecting the wound.

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  • Option 1: Receive 1-2 cc vial of Fluid GF and Four (4) Membrane Restore for cost of Fluid GF ($4,000 value)
  • Option 2: Receive 1-2 cc vials of Restore GF with four (4) Purchases of Membrane Wrap ($330 per square cm value)

Membrane Treatment
Five-year-old non-healing venous leg ulcer

  • 61 year-old male patient
  • Insulin-dependent diabetic x30 years; peripheral vascular disease
  • Wound measurements: Approximately 2.0cm x 4.0cm. Depth: 1.5cm
  • Observation: Mild to moderate exudate / no odor
  • Hardened Keloid scarring to surrounding wound

The donor tissue is recovered and processed aseptically in full accordance with all industry standards. All Biolab Sciences Membrane Wrap™ allograft tissue products have been tested for potentially infectious diseases and terminally sterilized to ensure the safety of each membrane.

Relevant Conditions ​

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  • Venous Leg Ulcers 
  • Severe Wounds
  • Surgical Grafts

​Ordering Information ​

Q-Code: Q4205

MW0202 – Membrane Wrap™ – 2x2cm
MW0203 – Membrane Wrap™ – 2x3cm
MW0404 – Membrane Wrap™ – 4x4cm
MW0406 – Membrane Wrap™ – 4x6cm
MW0408 – Membrane Wrap™ – 4x8cm

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