Membrane Wrap™

Amniotic Allograft Membrane

Membrane Wrap™ is a human tissue allograft derived from the amniotic membrane that provides structural tissue to advance soft tissue repair, replacement, and reconstruction.


Product Description

BioLab Membrane Wrap™ is a dual-layered dehydrated human amnion membrane (dHAM) allograft composed primarily of a connective tissue matrix. It is minimally manipulated, preserving many of the natural growth factors and cytokines that are abundantly present in amniotic tissue. The presence of the connective tissue matrix and associated factors help to regenerate soft tissue while inhibiting inflammation and scar tissue formation.

The donor tissue is recovered and processed aseptically in full accordance with all industry standards. All Biolab Sciences Membrane Wrap™ allograft tissue products have been tested for potentially infectious diseases and terminally sterilized to ensure the safety of each membrane.

​Ordering Information ​

Q-Code: Q4205

MW0202 – Membrane Wrap™ – 2x2cm
MW0203 – Membrane Wrap™ – 2x3cm
MW0404 – Membrane Wrap™ – 4x4cm
MW0406 – Membrane Wrap™ – 4x6cm
MW0408 – Membrane Wrap™ – 4x8cm

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