Cellular Culture of Autologous Skin

MyOwn Skin™ is a painless, non-surgical procedure that leverages a small sample of a patient’s own skin to produce up to three 100cm² skin grafts in a week.

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MyOwn Skin™: A Wound Care Therapy

MyOwn Skin™ is a skin graft made 100% of the patient's own skin. It is not a cultured allograft, skin substitute, construct, synthetic, animal/human cell mix (Bovine, Murine, Tilapia, etc.), xenotransplantation product, paste, donor mix, cadaver mix, or medical device. Patients are free to donate blood, tissues, or other fluids in the future. There are no known complications, side effects, or rejections. MyOwn Skin™ is the only product that grows 100% of the patient's own skin in a lab setting with no additives.

MyOwn Skin

Figure 1. Homograft / Autograft with autologous skin culture from a human source1.

MyOwn Skin™, an autologous skin cell culture, is an advanced wound care therapy developed by a group of renowned physicians and patented around the world. These autologous skin sheets are cultured, using the patient’s own skin cells, blood, and plasma. When placed over this patient’s wound will allow the regeneration of all layers of a patient’s skin in wounds caused by burns, trauma, non-healing diabetic ulcers, plastic surgery reconstructions, and any other wound where a typical therapy might have been to harvest a wound-equivalent sized skin graft.

These inherent characteristics allow MyOwn Skin™ to be classified as an autologous skin cell culture and used in the most advanced wound care therapies. A typical skin graft harvested from a patient’s back, abdomen or thigh, will cover damaged tissue and eventually become integrated. MyOwn Skin™ not only will cover the defect but will create the niche environment necessary for tissue regeneration within the wound. With a perfect biocompatibility due to its autologous nature, MyOwn Skin™ significantly reduces the risk of complications and rejections, while shortening the healing time.

This procedure is more cost-effective since it does not require multiple specialties or complex equipment for the application. The MyOwn Skin™ autologous skin sheets can be applied in a treatment room, an outpatient clinic or any other sterile environment; an operating room is not necessary.